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About Us

The Healing Solidarity Collective is a space to collective resource ourselves in healing solidarity. This is a space to take forward the conversations that begun with the first Healing Solidarity Conference in September 2018, and to gather around the work of healing the sector both from injustice in our practice and the working practices that overwhelm and exhaust us, to support each other as peers, sharing our initiatives and ideas. 

This is a place to meet people, share your thoughts, questions and reflections and also where new events will be held and shared. More about the original conference can be found a www.healingsolidarity.org.

Why You Should Join Us

This likely isn’t your first attempt to create change in the sector or support yourself in your practice. You might have run into some frustrating experiences like finding things don’t seem to change no matter how hard you try and bring attention to injustice. Or you might have been trying to support yourself and the people around you but find that care is actively discouraged in your workplace, and that repeated burnout and value drift are pervasive in your organisation. 

This Collective is here to support you in the practice of doing things differently, a place to practice supporting one another and sharing our challenges, trying new approaches to create change and of integrating wellbeing and impact to support one another and create cultures of collective care so that we can support ourselves to keep trying to shift things over time. 

Our Collective Approach

Together, we can build the practices and relationships which will help shift the work of our sector, a collective effort, amongst peers, modelling our values of collective approaches in everything we do and share.

As Healing Solidarity, we are only but a part of that effort.
There’s no one answer, approach or leader who is going to solve the complex problems of our sector, show us how to embody our practice, dismantle racism and colonialism in it, create equitable partnership and practice, develop more just funding models, and re-imagine what it means to be in solidarity across the globe.

No one of us holds the key. But together, collectively, we can be in the practice of building something different and that’s what this the Healing Solidarity Collective is designed to be all about.

I know each of you who joins this space has a wealth of experience and learning that you bring. And that you have all experienced injustices and made mistakes.
Bring your hearts, and your whole self when you participate in this space. 

Be aware that it is possible that what you read here may include sensitive topics and may trigger you in some way. Please take care of yourself if this happens and reach out to us by writing to [email protected] or someone you know and trust for support if you need it.

But first things first, finish your mini-bio and introduction after you join. 

We’re waiting to meet you!

About Us

The Collective has grown out of the Healing Solidarity Conference held in September 2018 and, like it, has been initiated by Mary Ann Clements